Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill 42”

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Takes a 42″ blade on any brand 100cc chainsaw or larger.

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See the You Tube Video below for a demonstration of our product

Takes a Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill 42" bar on any brand 90cc chainsaw or larger. This gives a cut width up to 960 mm wide. Cut depth adjustable from 10 mm to 170 mm. Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill rolls on 2 x sets of wheels (4 wheels total) that run along your ladder. Ladder rail width has a maximum of 38mm (1”1/2) wide.
Spacing off the Ladder rails are as variable as your Mills width.

This ensures that minimum effort is required to cut the flitches as the Mill rolls along the ladder rails. (Not the total surface of the wood with sawdust and bumps) You will always have a cut as straight and true as your ladder.

Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill 42" utilises a 3 meter long ladder in the Video.

NOTE 1: Chainsaw and Ladder cost is NOT included in this sale.

NOTE 2: There MUST be 42” or more of usable bar.

NOTE 3: Please measure from your saw body to end (tip) of bar.

NOTE 4: Not all bars have the same cutting length as stated.

Made from Aluminium and Stainless Steel
With a total weight of just 8 kgs.

All parts are replaceable just encase the best made plans go wrong.
Made in New Zealand By CNC Engineering in Nelson.

To know more about our products or to make a purchase call 021-234-9788.

Note: Photos show the Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill with a 32" Bar that cuts up to 710 mm wide.
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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 105 × 38 × 10 cm